Welcome particles! Here is a place where you can come together to interact and share their passion with other particles. This website allows you to discover some of our projects and activities, as well as learning more about Sensei, who wears two hats with equal prowess: being a captivating VTuber and an incredible content creator. Delve into Sensei’s world as you explore an array of captivating videos, streams, and fascinating content that showcases the unique vision of science and personality. Engage in our lively activities, exchange ideas, and forge connections with fellow particles who shares the same passion. So, join us on this exciting journey as we delve deeper into Sensei’s universe, revel in your talents, and bond with like-minded particles who appreciate the incredible world of science.


Activities offer opportunities for adventure, learning, and self-discovery. Whether it’s exploring arts, participating in celebrations or writing, it all help us lead more vibrant and fulfilling existences. So step outside your comfort zone, try something new, and embrace the endless possibilities.


Engaging in celebrations with the particles to express gratitude, and embrace the joys. Whether that’s birthdays or festivities we can all create memories, and cherish our achievements with Sensei and AI.


Exploring different art forms such as painting, drawing or music, and tapping into a wellspring of emotions and ideas. It is a way to connect with your inner self and share your unique perspective with the particles.


Join writing and express your thoughts, and ideas. Whether it’s through journaling or storytelling, writing offers a platform for personal growth and a place where you can share with others.

Hiroshi Vtuber

Explore the profound influence of Hiroshi in revitalizing the realms of Letters, Arts, and Sciences while championing values that celebrate intellect, creativity, and the inherent potential of humanity as creators of their own destiny. His noble purpose lies in enlightening and inspiring others to embrace their essential roles as active contributors in a vibrant and transformative community tapestry.

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Extended Lore

Discover Sensei’s official lore and unlock the story behind it.


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Maxwell Laws

Join Maxwell Laws and work with other particle team members in our collaborative mission of sharing the invaluable teachings by Sensei. 


Engage and recap study materials with other particles, while unleash your creativity through the power of video making. 


Bridge the language barrier and unlock a world of wisdom by translating the daily tweets and updates from our beloved Sensei.

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