About Hiroshi

Sensei’s name is Hiroshi and he is a Scientific Content Creator.
He is passionate about popularizing science through innovative means such as art, music, and storytelling. He believes that an engaging experience can be the key to sparking interest and curiosity in science.
In addition to loving art in general, he is also passionate about stories. He have always been fascinated by tabletop and live-action role-playing games, particularly World of Darkness and Vampire: The Masquerade. These games not only allow me to explore new ideas but also to meet new people with similar interests to mine. That’s why he considers them as a tool for personal growth and scientific exploration.

Popular Science

Overview of Hiroshi’s Science Videos

Sensei aims to form an evocative adventure of discovery and exploration, as we uncover the mysteries and marvels of the wondrous world of physics through captivating videos and engaging story telling. 

Murasaki Hiroshi
explained in a few words


Hiroshi – Science Vtuber

Hiroshi Murasaki, a Science Vtuber, is a future physicist specializing in space-time and black holes. Known for his serious and calm demeanor, he passionately explores Nature’s mysteries and shares his knowledge of physics and mathematics. As a male Lasombra Vampire from the VtM 20th edition, Hiroshi enjoys playing the violin, VtM RPG, poetry, singing, and working out. His birthday is January 2nd, and he stands 180 cm tall with blood type A.


Who he is and what he does

As an ENTJ, Hiroshi values being interesting over being funny. He is a leader and guide, known for his elegance, innovation, and minimalist, modern style. With a vocation in science and teaching, Hiroshi’s mission is to inspire and educate, bringing people closer to science through art, music, and storytelling. As a V-tuber, he promotes the integration of Letters, Arts, and Sciences, aiming to empower individuals as active creators of their destiny.


– Doraemon
– Green objects
– Physics Books
– Hatsune Miku
– Theoretical Physics
– Time Travel
– Androids and high technology 




– Steins;Gate
– Higurashi no naku koro ni
– High School of the dead
– Lucky Star
– Angel Sanctuary
– Violet Evergarden
– Cowboy Bepop
– Serial experiments Lain
– Tokyo Ghoul
– The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
– Death Note


– World of Darkness: Vampire the Masquerade 20th
– Final Fantasy Series (In order X, XV, IV, VIII, VII, XII)
– Kingdom Hearts Series 
– Metal Gear Solid Series
– The Last of Us Series
– Quantic Dreams Games (In particular Heavy Rain)
– Silent Hill Series
– Resident Evil Series
– Tekken, Virtua Fighter and Dead or Alive Series
– Ghost of Tsushima
– Death Stranding



Salmon-Avocado Eggs Benedict
Italian Seafood Cusine in general 
French fries (and Crispy McBacon)
Pizza Margherita (with Basil) 
Pasta alla Carbonara 
Cheesecake and Tiramisu 

Coffee (Nespresso India, Venice or Caramel)
Coconut water 
Pineapple Coconut Margarita 
Pina Colada
Mojito and Mint Julep 
Lambrusco Red Wine or Piedmont Barolo Monfortino
Vermentino White wine or Vernaccia di San Gimignano 


– Ignorance
– Hypocricy, Cowardice and Victimism
– Violet and Purple 
– Liver
– Excess of sugar
– Lack of aesthetic sense
– Narcisism
– Vtm 5th edition


– Interstellar
– All tarantino Movies, in particular Natural Born Killers
– Predestination
– Tenet
– Hannibal Lecter Movies (in particular Ridley Scott’s)
– The Matrix

– The Walking Dead
– Dark
– Narcos, Gomorra and Suburra
– Hannibal
– Lucifer 


I like classical music, traditional folk music and different genres.
Some of my favourite pieces are: 

– Vocaloid Hatsune Miku | Disappearance of Hatsune Miku 
– Vocaloid Kagamine Rin | Meltdown 
– One Ok Rock | The Beginning
– Woodkid | Iron 
– Gackt | Lu:Na
– Iron Maiden | The Trooper 
– 3stm | Hurricane 
– Metallica | Master of Puppets
– Led Zeppelin | Immigrant Song
– Lady Gaga | Judas 
– Black Sabbath | War Pigs 
– Utada Hikaru | Kremlin Dusk
– Negramaro | L’Immenso
– Beethoven | Kreutzer Sonata, Pathetique
– Vivaldi | Summer, Cessate ormai Cessate
– Chopin | Ballade no.1, Nocturne op.15 no 2
– Franz Von Listz | Campanella


Science Music

Welcome to the world of Scientific Songs, where Sensei strive to combine entertainment and education by creating engaging melodies about the fascinating field of physics.



Study Support and Resources

Sensei makes some resource-sharing videos focused on education, study coaching and study method to learn with efficiency and having fun.


Main Channel and live streams

Hiroshi Main YT Channel

Murasaki Hiroshi or Hiroshi sensei is a streamer and a science content creator. With his wide range of interests, he loves to combine his passion for music, art, and writing to create engaging content that makes science fun and intriguing.

Lectures and coaching content

Hiroshi Academic Channel

Hiroshi Sensei’s official channel is a dedicated platform for students needing mathematics and physics resources, as well as neuroscience coaching techniques to enhance their learning capabilities, managing time effectively, and build a productive study method.

How to join us?

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