About us

Greetings, particles! Allow us to present a captivating panorama of our lovely community. Engage and participate with us in all sorts of ways, where the possibilities for involvement are as diverse as your unique talents and interests.

You can join us in many different ways, from captivating live streams to joyous celebrations, as you join us in unity. Alternatively, you can be part of Maxwell Laws, collaborating with fellow particle team members to craft compelling clips and translations. Rest assured, there’s a perfect role waiting for you within our vibrant community, tailored to match your unique talents and passions. Together, let’s discover the position that resonates with your creative spirit and fuels your enthusiasm.

What do we do

We do all sorts of activities in this community together, share you interest with other particles!

We are a community

Be part of the community, engage and share your passions with fellow particles!

We study together

Collaborate, expand your horizons, and uncover new realms of knowledge together!

We celebrate together

Come join us for a memorable experience! Engage and celebrate with the community.

We make friends

Connect with like-minded particles, forge friendships through mutual interests!

We make Art

Create and share inspiring art and unlocking the boundless potential of our creativity!

We help the community

Extend a helping hand to fellow particles, contributing to the growth of our community.

Join us

Explore various avenues to join us! Whether you prefer being an active participant by watching streams, engaging in events, or making a difference by supporting community growth, there’s a perfect opportunity awaiting you!

As a particle

Watch streams and engage with us through discord and QQ

As an events participant

Partecipate in events, creating arts, video and more

As a community helper

Be part of Maxwell Laws and contribute to the community 

How to join us?

Join us through QQ or be a part of Sensei’s official discord member!