to sensei

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday from all of us particles! Your teachings have sparked creativity within us and guided us along this exciting journey. Your wisdom and encouragement have made a real difference to our lives. We’re so grateful for your mentorship and the way you’ve inspired us to learn and grow. Today, we celebrate you and all the warmth you bring to the community. Hope you have a fantastic day filled with joy and fun!

Cheers to you, Sensei, for being an incredible teacher and bosom friend. Meanwhile, we are also very grateful to be your ‘student’, your influence makes us become better selves. Here’s to a year ahead filled with continued inspiration and success. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!

for sensei

Happy Birthday Video

In this video, our wonderful particle friends share sweet wishes and heartfelt messages. On this special day, we’re sending you our very best wishes—Happy Birthday! A big thank you to all the particles who participated!

from particles

Last year…

Sensei serves as a remarkable example for many particles. Fearlessly fighting for the dream with endeavors, he embodies a relentless work ethic, diligently pursuing the goals to help more people be more aware of the reality around them and the fundamental importance of science.

As a streamer, he generously imparts valuable life experiences to his youthful audience, fostering a positive impact. He turns stream into a source of inspiration, offering guidance and wisdom to us. The unwavering commitment to principles distinguishes him as a real science content creator.

Within one year, we learned about blackhole, enjoyed science songs. From all dimensions, the aesthetic sense of science is shown. From entropy and chaos, within space-time, black holes, the most hidden mysteries of nature are thus shown through sensei’s work.

How to join us?

Join us through QQ or be a part of Sensei’s official discord member!