Let’s celebrate together, particles! Allow us to present our wide range of celebration activities. Engage and participate with us in all sorts of ways! 

You can join us in many different ways, from creative art,  captivating videos, heartwarming letters and more. We’ll arrange different activities for each memorable moments with Sensei and AI, from anniversaries to birthdays, or even festivals! Check out this page to find out more on celebration activities and stay updated on upcoming events!

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AI’s Birthday

Today is AI’s birthday, wish her a happy birthday. Hope AI to have a safe, healthy, happy, lovely day everyday in this new year coming!

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Sensei’s Birthday

Today is Sensei’s birthday! Wishing him all the best of 2024 and a happy birthday! The particles have also prepared a special gift for Sensei!

Previous celebration activity

Teachers’ Day

We’ve celebrated Teachers’ Day together! Teacher’s Day celebrated our dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to impart knowledge, inspire curiosity, and ignite a love for learning. 



We’ve celebrated Birthdays together! Last year we had the opportunity to celebrate both Sensei and AI’s birthday together, with amazing artworks, videos and greeting form the particles. 

1st Anniversary

We’ve celebrated the 1st Anniversary together! Throughout this year we’ve had engaging academic lessons, scientific coaching strategies, valuable life inspirations, entertaining streams… 

coming soon

Which activity should come next?

Our next celebration activities will be posted here, whether that’s birthdays, festivals or anniversaries, be sure to be on the look out for the next activity you can participate in.

How to join us?

Join us through QQ or be a part of Sensei’s official discord member!