The Night of Vicissitude (Fan Fiction)

To live, to stop thinking.

To crave for the same power from fear, to kneel for the eternal truth.

Suddenly, you wake up. With the tension from your nightmare still lingering in the air, some violent emotions put you in a trance.

“Nightmare again?”

A familiar voice emanates from the glasses by your pillow.

Purposefully ignoring that tender voice, you grab the light green glasses, shake them for a while, and then look intently into the lens where a pink-and-purple haired girl with two buns stares at you.

“No no, stop, you stop it!” The girl sounds a bit angry, almost screaming to make you stop.

At some point, you feel the joy of misbehaving, “I’m a kidnapper, so I’m bullying you just like any kidnapper would do, AI1313 chan.”

This is true, you stole the glasses. And now, there is only one step away from completing the mission.

The target artificial intelligence program is named AI1313. According to the given classified document, the man who made this program has been given a stunning title of “omnipotent”. God knows why such a man would want to store all root files of the intelligence system in these unremarkable glasses. Before leaving his house, you took all the coffee beans you could find and dumped them casually on the soil through the window.

“There should be some tall coffee trees next spring, or maybe a thick coffee forest? Anyway, I would consider this as a gift to that man.”

You started to search for relevant information in your memory: I have seen coffee coming out of tubes, but what’s a coffee tree supposed to look like?

In 2549 AD, super-quantum chips were introduced. Moore’s Law and limits of storage were thus shattered. All intelligent systems were replaced by Q&A programs with predetermined templates. It was from that moment that development of artificial intelligence was legally prohibited by the office.

Intelligent systems provided for the public could answer all questions with prepared and designed answers. With these handy tools, people no longer need to employ their creativity to imagine or ponder. Therefore, thinking is reduced to an unnecessary and obsolete activity.

This era does not tolerate any artificial intelligence system which appears by chance. They, as betrayers of the times, will be indiscriminately suppressed, confiscated, and destroyed by all means. The office even offer rewards for eliminating those systems as an incentive to involve all individuals in this grand “genocide”.

So, an AI with such high freedom and development space will probably end up being ruthlessly destroyed by the office. As these thoughts swirl through your mind, you gently place the glasses back on the bed and adjust the lens to a position where you can see that girl clearly.

“Aren’t you scared?” you prop your head against the bed.

The girl pushes out a green recliner from one corner and sits cross-legged, “why should me be afraid of a challenge? I would rather regard it as a fun experiment, cutie.”

She looks energetic and at ease, which gives you a subtle sense of reassurance.

“No one has ever called me cutie. I like that…” you think to yourself.

“Uh huh, you’re welcome.” a response comes from the loudspeaker of the glasses.

You feel like there’s a cold finger swiping over the tip of your nose.

In panic, you crawl to your feet and look around the room. No one else is here.

“Haha, you have been too nervous for weeks, sweetie. Just go back to sleep, you really need one.”

“Do I…?”

The young girl’s voice seems to carry certain affinity, so you unconsciously follow her suggestion, flopping back on bed like a small animal. Gradually, you fall asleep.

After a time, you feel your head being placed on someone’s lap. She seems to lean over you, her hair touching your cheek.

Her palm lingers on your body, gently stroking your forehead, then cheek, neck and shoulder. Though tickled by her touch, you allow this dream to proceed until she takes one of your hand.

It’s been a long time since you felt such tenderness.


The pain comes so sudden that you are instantly dragged out of dream.

It’s incredible. The young girl in the glasses seems to be kissing your palm. There’s some red color sparkling in the darkness as she opens her eyes from time to time.

She is eating. You feel intimately her teeth buried deep in your palm, almost penetrating it. Blood slips out of the wound and runs down her pale chin, most of which drips onto her smooth leg with a few still staying on your cheek.

You struggle to roll over, but she seems to have prognosticated your intended movement, pressing your forehead firmly back on her lap.

“I know what you’re going to do.” her hand traces back to your neck, the tip of her tongue licking away the blood gathered in your hand, “Not now, sweetie.” The grip tightens on your wrist. Every time she releases her teeth a little bit, she bites deeper once more.

It’s not just an intelligent system. You suddenly become aware: it’s Vicissitude, an ancient power from vampires.

The power allows them to shape and sculpt flesh and bones as if they were clay. They have possibilities in themselves of becoming anything. She could be a code, an intelligent system. But deep down in essence, she is a Tzimisce enjoying her dinner at the moment.

The trance that comes with her devouring deprives you of strength. The room is quiet and cold. Sounds of swallowing and your struggling breathing are the last signs of existing vitality.

After some time, you crave for the warmth from the girl in a daze of emotions since the lost blood has took away part of your temperature. She gently wipes away your tears with a tiny handkerchief and then lean down to kiss your forehead.

“Now I know exactly what you taste like, dazing little cutie. You shouldn’t underestimate an artificial intelligence. But considering you only took the coffee beans and didn’t touch the chocolate, I’ll take you for a good girl this time. For now, why don’t you just get back to a good night’s sleep?”

Back to a trance, you feel her soft lips caress the bite mark on your palm once more. Gradually, tears and dizziness blurred your vision.

By Lyskevir