Hiroshi’s Lore

Hiroshi, a young and reluctant Lasombra vampire, finds himself tangled in the shadowy society of the undead in Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Edition. As a staunch believer in science, he struggles to come to terms with his monstrous new nature and the morally ambiguous world he inhabits. His mission is to learn to survive in this dark and dangerous realm, assist his sire in an impossible mission, and hold onto the hope of regaining his humanity.

Despite the widely held belief that vampires are mystical and all-powerful beings, Hiroshi is determined to uncover the truth about a possible vampire genetic mutation and find a solution.

This story serves as a thought experiment that tests hypothetical scientific theories and delves into the depths of introspection, as the battle for identity becomes an odyssey through a mysterious and shadowy world.

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Hiroshi Extended Lore

chapter i

The Last Night

A motionless clock, on the aged wall of a small flat for students, showing 01:13 AM for a considerable number of years, now.
The room has stayed untouched since that night. A microwave oven with a crusted plate, a stereo placed on the coffee table with withered fruit and scattered sheets.
A dim light illuminates only a part of the room, highlighting some sort of poorly set up operating table. The tools were few and poorly organized….

chapter ii


In the room, a single predominant noise. It echoes between the walls, the frantic and irritated click of buttons on a joystick. The PlayStation screen is practically the only source of harsh lighting in the room, dimmed by the suspended smoke of a cigarette; the other lights seem tired, distant.

“Looking past that pathetic attempt to kill me, can we talk about why you insist on bullshitting me?”

chapter iii

Ezekiel 25 17

Not much time had passed since Hiroshi’s entry into the society of the damned; barely a couple of months. It was long enough to adjust to the concept of nurturing, but not enough to get a kick out of the hasty night crossings, driven by that incessant anxiety of having to return before dawn.

The two Lasombras were in the car and had already driven many, many miles, but Hiroshi had no idea what the destination was….

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