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Maxwell Laws

Within Maxwell Laws, particles can to interact, corporate and engage in translations, video editing, thumbnail making and beyond. With your creativity and potential, Maxwell Laws will be able to create memorable experiences  and spread boundless happiness far and wide for the particles.

Join us in Maxwell Laws, no matter if u have translating skills, art skills, subtitles making skills, or just keen to learn more video editing knowledges. No matter your starting point, our dedicated particles will act as mentors and guides, patiently leading you from the very beginning, and bring joy around this community. 


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What do we do

Clips Production 

Recap study materials while unleash your creativity through video making.

Organising Activities

Celebrate memorable moments with exciting activities, projects and more…

Twitter Translation

Updates and translate everyday tweets and news form our lovely Sensei. 

with maxwell laws


Within Maxwell Laws, we collaborate with fellow particles to craft mesmerizing clips featuring Sensei and AI. Learn more on this page!

In our academic clips, we translate, evaluate and extract Sensei’s insights and approach on science, art, literature and more, while spreading valuable knowledge for the community.

For pure entertainment, we snippet Sensei’s cutest, sweetest little moments and radiating joy to all our cherished particles in the community.



Resolution Of A Froce

Here in Maxwell Laws, academic clips are a crucial part of our video making. From physics to mathematics or even study coaching, we condense and extract Sensei’s scientific approach on a particular topic. Discover more of our Academic Clips on Bilibli!


Well Planned Trolling On Sensei

Alongside with academics, we also produce entertaining and relaxing clips for our particles as well. We record the most cutest, weirdest, funniest moments of Sensei, so check out on more Entertaining Clips on our Bilibili channel!

How to join us?

Join us through QQ or be a part of Sensei’s official discord member! Want to join the translation group? Just join us in QQ!