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Welcome to our big family! You can join us through our QQ fan group or Maxwell Laws’ translation group. In our fan group, you’ll have the opportunity to interact, communicate, and share your creativity and ideas with other particles within the community.

If you are more interested in Maxwell Laws, we welcome you to join our translation group. Here, you can showcase your skills and talents in areas that interest you, such as translation, video editing, etc. There’ll be a simple test to better understand your skill level and potential. Please note that this test is not meant to screen talents, but rather to get to know your interests and expertise better! Once you pass the test, you’ll officially become a member of Maxwell Laws! 

If you’re interested in joining us, don’t hesitate! Feel free to join our QQ fan group or contact the translation group. We’re looking forward to having you on board! Let’s join hands and create a brighter future together!”

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You can find the QQ fan group code here, as well as the Maxwell Laws QQ code

QQ fan group

Welcome to join our QQ fan group and interact with other particles! Here, you will  meet many like-minded friends, share your learning experiences together. 

Maxwell Laws

Join Maxwell Laws and work with other particle team members in our collaborative mission of sharing the invaluable teachings by Sensei. 

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