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This project aims to present a space for particles who wants to study new languages together, practicing reading, memorising, writing, and more. We want to reach our goals together, by studying as a coherent group, encouraging and supporting eachother.

This project will mainly consist of vocabulary building and grammar practicing. However, other types of language building is also welcomed here. There are no deadlines and due dates so every particle can engage in this project whatever and whenever they feel like.

From Particles


At the very beginning, it was quite painful to participate it every day. I started by memorizing 20 or 30 words, and then I saw that others were memorizing 70 or 80 words, so I gradually increased my workload. As time went by, it became less painful. Moreover, I didn’t want to break the streak since I had been persisting for so long. Now it has become a habit for me. Even when I’m busy, I can reduce the amount of words I memorize or review, but I cannot skip it altogether. (✪▽✪)


Surprisingly, I only missed participating six days this month. I feel great about myself. I will make even more progress next month (with everyone’s daily encouragement).


When you muster up the courage to decide to change, everything is just a momentary thing.”

This is what I learned from Sensei’s live broadcast.

This activity allowed me to quickly learn Italian, but more importantly, I saw the growth of each member.

It truly proves that we are good enough to learn anything we want and become smarter and stronger in the process.

My friends, let’s cherish this moment, with Sensei and with ourselves.

Let’s all strive to become better and better.


Although I’m not an active participator of the project, by scrolling through the messages of particles’ daily attendance checks, I felt enveloped with their persistence and determination. A coherent group can always unleash much more power than individuals.


vocabulary, grammar, sentences, structure, reading, writing, listening, speaking,” and so on in language learning are like building blocks. Every time you learn something related, you stack it onto the corresponding block. The more solid your foundation is, the more solid the connection between the blocks becomes. If we all make a little effort every day and accumulate it over time, I believe we will eventually achieve satisfactory results! (。ì _ í。)


At first, I didn’t expect that I could persist for so long. Everyone in the group worked hard and motivated each other, so we completed month after month. We can watch live streams without any hassle and improve ourselves at the same time. It’s very happy to cheer each other on together.


How to partecipate

Each month presents an opportunity for personal growth and learning. You can choose to participate in either a betting or non-betting format. You can get involved in this project by joining our QQ!

QQ Code: 940882820

Betting Option (15-25 RMB)

  • You commit to learning or practicing a new skill.
  • You provide evidence of your progress. This could be a screenshot, PDF files, pictures, etc.
  • If you can show evidence of learning or practicing for all days of the month, you will receive a refund of 20 RMB.
  • If you fail to provide evidence for all days, there will be no refund.
  • The remaining money will be collected and used to gift YouTube memberships on Sensei’s channel as a prize. The recipients of these gifts will be chosen randomly.

Non-Betting Option (0 RMB)

  • This option does not have the restrictions or rewards  compared to the betting option.
  • You can learn or practice at your own pace without the need for daily evidence or the possibility of a refund.
  • Personalized Goals: Set your own learning objectives and timelines that best suit your learning style.
  • Participate in group discussions and share your learning experiences with other particles. 
  • Share and access useful resources, such as books, articles, videos, and online courses, with the community.

How to join us?

Join us through QQ or be a part of Sensei’s official discord member!