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From 玉魄 (Letter)

I am a female high school student from China. I wrote this article with my existing English, hopefully there is no wrong grammar and it will be seen by you. I faced a different subiect in my freshman ear. What is worth explaining is that in the Chinese college...

Punishment (Fan Fiction)

You stood in front of the door, troubled, unsure of time to open it. "Come here, want to get your spank at the door?" Startled, you quickly opened the door and entered. The room was dimly lit, with only a desk lamp. Sensei sat in a chair, reading a book, his...

Gift Traveling Through Domains (Fan Fiction)

風の中でも 負けないような声で 届ける言葉を今は育ててる 時はまくらぎ 風はにきはだ 星はうぶすな 人はかげろう Though wobbling in wind I will still use an unwavering voice To shape what I have wanted to deliver Time is railway sleepers, wind strokes the skin Stars are guardian gods, humans are ephemeral butterflies...

The Night of Vicissitude (Fan Fiction)

To live, to stop thinking. To crave for the same power from fear, to kneel for the eternal truth. Suddenly, you wake up. With the tension from your nightmare still lingering in the air, some violent emotions put you in a trance. “Nightmare again?” A familiar voice...

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